Sparking Prayer Breakfasts

Prayer Breakfasts and other Prayer Gatherings can have a unique and transforming impact on your community, your leaders and your elected representatives:

  • They encourage greater unity among Christians around a common purpose
  • They are a reminder of the importance and impact of prayer for elected representatives
  • They are a visible encouragement to elected representatives and community leaders
  • They are a positive witness to the community
  • They are a powerful vehicle for the Holy Spirit to infuse the life of the community and the lives of leaders

You Can Be A Spark

  • Encourage a friend to pray with you for your politicians
  • Encourage others in your church to pray regularly for elected representatives
  • Join a prayer group or prayer walk or, if there isn’t one, start one
  • Volunteer to help with your local community prayer breakfast or, if there isn’t one,
reach out to other churches or community leaders to start one

We Can Help You to

  • Set up a Prayer Breakfast
  • Organize prayer events at yoiur church
  • Hold Prayer Gatherings in your community
  • Connect with the offices of your government officials (Local, Provincial, Federal)
  • Learn how to pray effectively with and for your elected representatives