Articles About Prayer

Abundant Life During an Economic Downturn
-->How hard times can lead to a strong faith

Answers to Prayer
-->"I know my prayer life isn't what it should be"

Are We Servants or Substitutes When We Pray?
-->How we see ourselves determines what we seek from God

Business Excellence: The Lord's Business?
-->How this inner transformation impacts who we are and everything we do

Does Government Have A Prayer?
-->Transforming the nation through prayer with and for elected representatives

How Long Must I Wait?
--> Realizing a wise hand guides your life helps you understand you'll never have a prayer go unanswered

Is Corporate Ministry An Oxymoron?

-->Insights into one of the greatest opportunities for effective Christian outreach

Jesus: Business Developer Extraordinaire
-->Lessons to be learned from the greatest role model of all time

Jesus Patterns The Gifts from Prayer
-->Let this intimate conversation between the Son and the Father revolutionize your view of yourself and your world

Lessons From King Solomon

-->Wisdom is not enough

Nehemiah’s Template for Effective Prayer
-->Because our business is God’s business entrusted to us, He shows us how to invite Him in

Planning Prayerfully
-->Some suggestions on how we can more effectively involve God in our daily decisions

Praise As Prayer
-->Revolutionize your relationship with God and your understanding of the situations of life

Prayer: It’s A Matter Of Principal
-->5 Principles that impact your prayer life

Prayer As Relationship
-->Deepening our relationship with God one prayer at a time

Prayer Works … and It’s Wireless
-->You may be bringing your prayer to work, but are you bringing your work to prayer?

Provisional Planning
-->Maintaining the proper sequence in seeking God’s direction on what really matters

Reflecting Christ in Prayer

-->An eight-point check-up to help you extend the power of God in the world

Show Me Where You're Looking
-->Practical qualities to help you determine what needs to be done at any point in time

The Essence of Prayer
-->Focusing on the different dimensions of prayer allows us to experience God in new ways

The Key To Life

-->Our relationship with God can be real, present, and authentic

Transforming The Nation … Through Prayer

What Should I Pray For?
-->Your answer to this question has the potential to make a significant difference in your life

Who's In Charge?
-->Your answer will provide insights and a plan of action to help deal with tough economic times

When We Pray … Who or What is At the Other End?
-->The answer to this question is crucial in order to enter into an intimate communion without hesitation