About Us

Founded on Scripture and governed by a national Board of Directors, Nation At Prayer is a federally incorporated non-issue, non-partisan, trans-denominational registered charitable organization, which exists to pray with elected representatives and to engage Christians to pray for all elected representatives at every level of government.

Our Vision

That Canada be a nation:  

  • whose leaders seek God's guidance, inspiration and wisdom through prayer
  • whose leaders are daily lifted in prayer
  • transformed as the Holy Spirit infuses the hearts and minds of those who govern

Our Mission

Transforming the nation through prayer with and for elected representatives at all levels of government, in the name of Jesus Christ

We Do This By:

Praying with individual elected representatives

Engaging Christians across Canada to pray regularly for their elected representatives at every level of government

Sparking prayer breakfasts in communities across Canada to pray for elected representatives, the nation and the world

Training, resourcing and equipping individuals and communities to pray effectively for elected representatives and for government