Get Involved

Prayer invites the Holy Spirit to act.  Imagine the impact as we invite the Holy Spirit to infuse the hearts and minds of every elected representative, that the wisdom and purpose of God will be served in the life of our nation. 

There are many ways you can be involved in transforming our nation through prayer:

Pray regularly for your elected representatives at every level:
      Federal, Provincial, Municipal, First Nations, Aboriginal.  

Be a spark, and join with others in praying for elected representatives

Organize prayer events, at your church or in your community

Ask others to pray regularly for specific elected representatives so that
       every elected representative is prayed for every day of the year

Pray with your elected representatives remembering to:
      1.  Maintain strict confidentiality
      2.  Respect their schedules - Be on time and keep meetings brief
      3.  Focus on them and their needs - refer to the Prayer Guide
      4.  Take no more than 1 other person to the meeting

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Write to your elected representatives to let them know:
      1.  You encourage them as willing servants of the people
      2.  You are praying for them
      3.  If, and when, your church prayed for them

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